Am 4.5.2018 verstarb Abi(Abraham Reichstadt) nach langer schwerer Krankheit im Alter von 80 Jahren in München.
Esther Ofarim war seine 1. Frau mit der er als Gesangsduo 5 Goldene Schallplatten ersang.
Ende der 1960er Jahre war Abi Ofarim mit der Schauspielerin Iris Berben liiert
Nach der Trennung von seiner Frau Esther versuchte er als Solosänger in London sein Glück - später zog er nach München.
Video 1: Cinderella Rockefella(1967)
Video 2: Morning Of My Life(1967)
Video 3: Donna Donna(1966)
Video 4: Dirty old town (German Version 1965)
Video 5: Dirty old town (English Version 1963)
Video 6: Cotton Fields (German Version 1964)
Gil Ofarim - It's your love(his son with his 3rd wife)

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Name Current Version Description
No Custom Profile for guests 1.0.2 Hides the custom profile fields for guests
Red title for new topic and new reply 1.0.3 red title for new topic and new reply
About us 2.1.2 About us is an extension which adds to phpBB 3.2 an about us or legal notice-page, where you can add your contact details and more.
Browser & OS in Viewtopic 1.0.1 This extension shows browser icon and OS icon in viewtopic.
System Info 1.0.0 Displays System Info on the boards index page.
Who Visited This Topic 1.0.5 Shows the users who have visited a topic and the times they have visited.
Large Font 3.2.0 Allows the user to increase the font size up to ~400% of the default and/or make all the font bold. For phpBB 3.2.x only
Quoted Images as Thumbnails 1.0.1 Shrinks quoted images down to a height of 100 pixels while maintaining the aspect ratio.
Calendar 0.9.1 Calendar for phpBB >=3.2.0
MP4-Video 0.1.0 Video
Change Post Time 1.0.1 Adds the option for a moderator to change the posting date and time of a post.
Better Prompt BBCodes 0.0.2 This Extension adds a new Prompt for BBCodes.
Style Changer 2.3.0 Adds a quick stylechanger to the board
viewlegend 2.1.2 Set a new site with a big iconlegend to your board
Board Announcements 1.0.6 An extension which allows you to create board-wide announcements for your phpBB forum
Pages 2.0.2 An extension which allows you to add static pages to your phpBB forum
VigLink 1.0.2 The VigLink extension for phpBB makes it possible to earn revenue, without any change to the user experience, when users post and follow links to commercial sites. - External Image as Link 1.2.0 Displays every image as a link, which is included with [img] bbcode and not hosted with the own board.
Birthday Cake 1.0.2 This Extension will allow a birthday cake to appear when viewing a topic if the user had inputted month and birthday and it is their birthday
External Links Open in New Window 1.0.6 Uses jQuery to force external links to open in a new window
Hide Bots 1.0.2 Hides robots in the Who is online stats to all but those who are administrators
Hide Username 1.0.0 This Extension hides usernames throughout the forum to guests
National Flags 2.1.4 Allows a user to be able to choose a national flag and have a top (those with the most users selecting the flag) number of flags display on the index page of a phpBB forum. Header is link to a listing of all users of a flag. Clicking on user count of the flag displays the users that have that flag set. This extension requires at least phpBB version 3.1.4-RC1.
s9e/mediaembed 20170724 Embed third-party content in your phpBB forum
Active Extensions List 1.0.1 Shows total number of active extensions installed in the forum statistics with a link to a new page to a list of the installed extensions with their versions and descriptions.
Lightbox 1.0.5 Lightbox for phpBB will resize posted images to a maximum set width and display them fullscreen in an elegant Lightbox overlay effect.
Topic Preview 2.3.0 A phpBB extension that displays a short excerpt of text from the first post in a tooltip while the mouse hovers over a topic’s title.
MySQLDumper im ACP und Index 0.1.3 Integriert den MySQLDumper im ACP und Index. Zugriff nur für Administratoren.