Gwerder DA7

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Gwerder DA7

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There are several rumours that Gwerder have PERMANENTLY CEASED TRADING. As a recent owner of DA7, I am interested in the real position of the Firm. Have they really closed permanently, or just suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency?

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Es gibt mehrere Gerüchte, dass Gwerder den Handel dauerhaft eingestellt hat. Als neuer Eigentümer eines DA7 interessiere ich mich für die reale Position der Firma. Haben sie wirklich dauerhaft geschlossen oder nur für die Dauer des COVID-19-Notfalls ausgesetzt?

Frag ich mich doch was das soll ?

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Re: Gwerder DA7

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Hallo O'Regan,

:welcome: im Club. :winken:

Deine Frage kann ich leider nicht beatworten. :weinen:

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Re: Gwerder DA7

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You google on the net. Everything is accessible as usual :)

Edit: It's no longer in navigation. But with Googlelink they still appear.

It is best to ask in the company once. Unfortunately there does not even seem to be an email address. Try to email this member : memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=279 He is the Owner.

In Switzerland they are still sold but:
Attention: from now on the housing is no longer made of plastic but
manufactured in wood.
Weight 7.7. kg button model

Software: Current version: DA-7 V2.09 C-handle

When the instrument is switched on, the current version is shown in the display.

The updates can be done after tel. registration with us.
Costs: there are no costs for software updates Gwerder himself does not seem to sell digital accordions anymore, just this seller.

Besides: It wasn't that well thought out anyway. You always had to drive to the company for a firmware update.
The help forum had suddenly disappeared from the Internet. If you were looking for help by phone you were referred to the forum, that no longer existed.